Friday, June 10, 2011

Do a runway walk with this song!

Yesterday I went to an audition for African Fashion Show! I met the designer Mimi, her partner Dele, and the photographer David ;D They are all super sweet & warm people plus I LOVE African fashion and music so I felt right at home from the beginning! If you are my friend from my NYC time, you know what I mean! I had a big afro and also one time had dreadlocks with extension one time, taking African dance classes and working at an African gallery in Harlem! ;D Probably because all the humans are from Africa, that is why I feel so close to African culture. Surrounded by African people and hearing African music made me feel energized so when they said, "do a runway walk with this song" ;D I was SO HAPPY to hear this fun song, "Bumpy Ride" by Mohombi, and just had fun doing a runway walk and busted out poses ;))) Hopefully they will choose me for the show!! Pleeeaase wish me luck! ;D

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Asian Boston T-shirts shoot!

Thank YOU sooo much for the kisses, girls!! ;))))

Do you know there is a media group called "Asian Boston"?  I met the sweet + hard-working founder Leo Anthony the other night when we had the I Heart Japan Fundraising Fashion Show, and he told me about this Asian Boston T-shirts shoot for their magazine and we had lots of fun walking around the city and promoting Asian Boston.

The photographer for the day was Wei Ye! Here are some of the pictures he took :D It is interesting to see the same scene from a different angle, isn't it? ;D

Joanna and me! :D I love her! She is so sweet and fun, and has such a sexy husky voice ;D

I still don't know why they wanted to shoot me under the Dior logo. Why was it?!

Joanna and me, showing off our muscles! :P

And the group shot in subway! ;D
I really look like a guy, don't you think?! :P My mother used to say my face is super sweet so I should wear very sharp outfits (mostly black and white with an accent of other colors) to get the balance. I used to love (still love) super colorful tropical outfits but my mother didn't like them because then I will look like "chindonya" people :P

Now when I look back my childhood, my parents wanted me to grow as a strong lady. I was taking Kendo lessons, "the modern martial arts of sword fighting," and beating up the boys. I even got the third place in my town! When I played, I always wanted to go out and run around in nature, explore mysterious forest (if I go back now, I bet it is such a small forest but felt HUGE!) around the house. I just couldn't wait to go outside! I didn't have the dress-up time like regular little girls do. Maybe that is why I want to dress-up NOW?! :P These days I just have lots of fun dressing up with crazy hair and make-up! It is artistic, creative, spontaneous, mobile 3D art! ;D

TAKARA Magazine Cover - Spring Mountain

For May TAKARA cover, Yasuko-san chose my Spring Mountain piece, yellow flowers version :D The weather has been so gorgeous and the air around us feels cheerful ;)))

"I Heart Japan" Japan Disaster Relief Fundraising Event!

The hard-working & beautiful organizer Mariko Kanto and always fun & sexy fashion by Dawnamatrix, this event was a big hit!!
Here is a picture of my dear friend gorgeous Dawn and me, making heart shapes for the photographer, Wei Ye :D
(Photo by Wei Ye)

This is the first time to meet Leo Anthony and Jane from the media group called Asian Boston! Leo is the founder ;D It was a big pleasure meeting you two! ;)))
(Photo by Wei Ye)

I am smiling BIG in this picture because the lady behind me said, "You are SO HOT!!", which made me smile huge! ;D I said to her, "Thank YOUUUU!!" I looove when ladies give me compliments!! :D
(Photo by Raquel Goncalves)

This place Splash Ultra Lounge was really awesome! There is a pool with cool blue lighting and this deck you see in the above picture outside with tables and chairs! You can feel summer breeze and have a romantic night here ;D

As always, working with Dawn and Mariko was lots of fun! Thank YOU sooo much for having me there!! It was a wonderful & meaningful event!! ;)))

Let's Dance~!! ;D

Great music for dancing or working out ;)))
"Beggin'" by Madcon!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jay Cutler says...!!

"You should be in the next bikini show!"

"Just put more color (meaning tan), and you are good to go!" Wow... that is amazing...!!
I asked him a question, "but I don't have fake ones (pointing my boobs, because many of the ladies on stage had fake ones), do I have to get ones to win?!" thinking I do not want to do that... then he said, "just put some pads on," oh I didn't know there is such an option, that sounds much healthier and more natural :P (I meant to post this much earlier but we met Jay on May 8th :P)

The fact the sweet Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler, remembered our faces from the last show was touching enough, but the fact he thinks I can be in the next bikini competition just blew me away!!! Yeeaaahhh, as you know, definitely my body is not ready for a bikini show and needs loooots of work, but don't you think if I could win the bikini competition that would be super cool?! This will be an amazing + fun + rewarding challenge for me!! ;D

Since we met Jay last time, 6 months has passed. 6 months is a quite long time if we think of the changes we make in life. Brandon started to study for personal training exam and I started to do modeling. Both of us are happy for the new changes and challenges ;))) If I could be in a next bikini show, or next next show, I would be so happy and IF I can win, I would be super psyched!!! and be jumping with joy for several months for sure :P

I worked out even harder that night! Working out makes you feel good, energized, all the fresh oxygen & blood go to the brain and whole body!! Motivation can make you work harder and I am so thankful to Jay Culter who gave me such energy and next big dream ;D

Thank YOU Sooo Much for your warm, sincere, positive energy, Jay!! I am super inspired!!! :D

Friday, May 20, 2011

Thank YOU so much for your support!! :D

(Bonni & Terry)

The "Art of Japan" event was successful! I meant to report this much earlier but because of final papers, presentation and exam, it had been delayed! According to the charming organizer Sophie, $3,720 goes to the Japanese Red Cross! WOW! How wonderful is that!! Thank YOU sooo much for having such an amazing event, Sophie!!
(Bonni, Bill, Mihoko and Terry)

And guess what! The gorgeous art/photography by Bill Downey was sold!! Bill and we were thrilled!! The buyers actually turned out to be my friend Bonni and her husband Terry! They are such a beautiful sweet couple!! They are going to hang it on the wall in their vacation home in Martha's Vineyard! Sounds amazing, right?! ;D

Happy smiles :D
(Brandon+Mihoko, taken by Bill ;D)

We all love Japan... :D